Provider Agreement


Following is the Provider’s Agreement If you wish to be listed as a Provider for any specific therapy or treatment on our website you must have already agreed to the following terms of your listing:


This is a binding agreement between Provider and Choosing Alternatives, LLC [CAL]

A] Provider agrees, that it [he/she] will not use Choosing Alternatives LLC [CAL] site[s] in any manner other than that which is specified herein, including but not limited to:

1] Listing on our site only Provider’s a] practice, or company, name, b] the name of Provider’s contact person(s), if any c] the city, state, and country of Provider’s location together with d] Provider’s telephone (and FAX number) and e] a link to Provider’s website; that such information will be listed by CAL in the strict chronological date order as received by CAL [the “Listing”]. Provider understands that CAL does not accept any advertising, under any circumstances, from Provider. Provider will pay CAL in advance a monthly listing fee therefore, for each such listing, of either: US $100 for 1 month, or US $400 for 6 months or US $500 for 12 months, or at CAL’s then currently established Listing fees.

2] Provider warrants to CAL, and its subscribers, that a] Provider is duly licensed and authorized to practice such therapy and/or modality in Provider’s jurisdiction[s]; b] that Provider has met all the requirements thereof and c] is/are experienced in the treatment or modality for which Provider has placed Provider’s information in accordance with Part 1 hereof. Provider agrees d] to indemnify and hold CAL and its subscribers, personnel, subsidiaries, and affiliates, harmless from any and all manner of direct, indirect, or related: claims, litigation or other third-party demands arising from such Listing with CAL.

3] CAL has the right to remove Provider’s Listing at any time at CAL’s sole discretion after giving written notice to Provider and may, at CAL’s sole discretion refund the pro-rated balance, if any, to Provider.

4] Provider understands that any further information about Provider has to a] come from Provider’s website and/or Provider’s direct communication with CAL subscribers and b] that such information may be used by any such subscriber to do such due diligence and investigation as subscriber deems necessary, including the use of such advisors as subscriber, in it’s sole discretion, chooses to use.

5] Provider understands that all applicable provisions of Subscriber’s “Terms of Service”, shown on this site, are incorporated herein by reference, including without limitation: indemnification of CAL by provider in the event of any claims by CAL’s subscribers, or any regulatory or governmental entity.

6] Provider agrees that, in the event of a dispute, if any, and if such dispute is not resolved by negotiation, either a] CAL or Provider may submit such dispute to BINDING arbitration, and that both parties are then committed to such binding arbitration, in accordance with the then current rules of the American Arbitration Association [AAA] in the city of Denver, State of Colorado, USA, using the laws of Colorado and b] that the arbitrator so selected shall be a non-attorney subject matter expert, and c] that such finding and/or decision of such arbitrator may be entered into any court of competent jurisdiction for enforcement. d] Provider understands that arbitration is instead of litigation. these dispute resolution terms may only be modified in a writing signed by both parties.